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"Ba Qua" Jiang Yung Chiu

....."Lau Kune Do" is a complete art, martial and holistic. Its focus and purpose is to help people be better human beings....

....Sifu Tsim's internal Tai Chi and Qigong practices are just as well developed as his external Kung Fu techniques.....

After the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the late 60's and early 70's, while doing research work on Eastern Philosophy for the University of London, Sifu met Jiang Yung Chiu, a professor and a scholar in Chinese literature and Eastern philosophy.

Jiang was the Director of the Chinese National Martial Arts Center in Nanjing and also a master of Ba Qua Chang. Under Jiang's guidance, Sifu Tsim explored the Taoist internal art of Ba Qua and Nei Gong, the art of healing.

Jiang told Sifu that spreading the art in the United States would be a very noble goal and that he would like to come to the U.S. to visit Sifu.... Unfortunately, because his eyesight was rapidly deteriorating Master Jiang never made it.....

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The Passion
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The Purpose

...By nature, men are born nearly alike.
By practice, they get to be far apart....