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Richard Tsim has studied various styles of martial arts, including Northern Shaolin, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Ba Qua and Tai Chi. He has taught both hard (modified Wing Chun) and soft (Ba Qua / Tai Chi) styles since 1975. Sifu Tsim's martial arts career began at the age of five. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to study under some of the finest instructors, such as Sifu Lung Chi Cheung of Northern Shaolin, Sifu Leung Sheung of Wing Chun, Sifu Chan Hon Chung of Hung Gar, Professor Jiang Yung Chiu of Ba Qua, and Master Ma Yat Ching, a student of Wu Kam Chuen, the founder of Wu's Tai Chi Chuen. Sifu Tsim has been exposed to such high-level techniques as "Iron Palm" and "Iron Finger" training. Sifu Tsim also practices Taoist breathing techniques, Chinese herbal medicine and meditation.

sifu richard tsim
"Kung Fu is an art that deals with the events of life and its consequences. It is a philosphy and a way of life."
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