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"…Richard's father brought him to me and asked me to teach little Richard Kung Fu… His father Chak Man Tsim and myself are both directors of the same union, the Dong On Market Labor Union in the late 50s and early 60s in China. I taught him some of the Northern Shaolin Long Fist basics… He was kind of shy and quiet… but… when he moves… Oh!... that energy and intensity…"

Sifu Lung Chi Cheung
Northern Shaolin/Tai Chi
Yau Ma Di, China

"…I have taught martial arts for many years… from Pak Mei to Wing Chun. When Richard trained under me, he was very intense and highly focused… very different from the other kids, playing in the streets or picking fights with other stylists…"

Sifu Leung Sheung,
Wing Chun
Ho Man Tin,
Kowloon, China

"…Until you have the ability to move your body and adapt to whatever the object happens to be in front of you… you still haven't gotten your total efficiency… I think that Richard understands this concept of self-realization and total freedom… that is why he never asks if my Jeet Kune Do is better than Wong Yue's Karate…"

Bruce Lee,
Jeet Kune Do
Miramar Restaurant Press Conference
Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong

"…After the Japanese invasion, I was on my way from Nanjing back to Shanghai…We met Hing Wo (Richard) and Yim Tong at Guangchou…Richard's Ba Qua Tai Chi is very different... His single and double changing palms, up and down footwork, hook and twisting are quick and effective… He is one of my top students who is able to roll his arm and body to generate "Gin"… this twisting movement (back and forth) gives an enormous amount of power and takes a long time to master...and is one of the major characteristics of Ba Qua…"

Professor Jiang Yung Chiu,
Ba Qua
Director of the Chinese National Martial Arts Center, Nanjing
Guangchou, China

"…I saw him walk into the gym... he was sparring with the karate instructor, Frank… his footwork was like a cat, so light, so quick and effective… his punches were coming from the center of his chest, and were very powerful… at that time, I knew I had found my teacher…"

Dan Connelly,
LKD Blue Sash
University of Massachusetts, Boston

"…I watched this tiny little guy… when he demonstrated his centerline attack in front of the crowd, I was stunned by his speed and power!"

Rev. Richard Visbisky,
St. Michael's Church
N. Andover, Massachusetts

"…I haven't seen Richard since he left for the U.S. in the 60's. He called the other day and told me that he is on his way to Thailand to watch the fight between Yip Man's Wing Chun students and the Mui Thai kick boxers… I invited him to come to the Rotary Club Fund Raiser in which I was a member… He did his Lau Kune Do 36 Dynamic Movements for the audience… The forms looks like Sifu Lum Sai Wing's tiger and crane "Tit Shin" form except for a few modifications… very strong, solid and powerful. I can feel his energy across the room…"

Sifu Chan Hon Chung
Hung Gar
Miramar Hotel
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

"…I visited Richard in the summer of 1973 in Los Angeles…he was on his way to Montreal, Canada to give a demonstration…he told me that the Chinese community (China Town) in Boston was looking for a head Kung Fu instructor and was interested in him…they would like him to take the position as soon as he graduated from Long Beach State…While we were in Canada, his friend Law Lit, an actor from Shaw Brothers Film Production Co. called and told us that Bruce Lee passed away in Hong Kong…I decided to go back to Hong Kong to attend Bruce’s funeral right away…but told Richard I would stay that evening to see him perform…Richard was demonstrating the Wing Chun traditional forms ‘Sil Lim Tau’ and ‘Chum Kiu’ and blindfolded himself to do sticky hands and trapping with two of his students…it was the first time I had seen him perform since he left for the States. His hands are quick and flexible and I particularly like the reflex of his ‘bong sau’…I can tell he spent a lot of time in perfecting it…I was able to feel his ‘Gin’ power in the audience…very impressive…in my opinion, Richard Tsim is the Teacher's Teacher and the Master's Master..."

Master Y.T. Chow
Chow Gar Kung Fu
Kowloon City, Hong Kong

"…this guy barged in and challenged Sifu on the spot… he said that he wanted to see how good we were… the whole thing was over in less than a minute… Sifu turned around, and the guy was leaning against the wall and appeared to be hurt… I couldn't believe it… A few weeks later, I saw this guy's picture in one of the martial arts magazines…"

Mark Soll,
Police Officer, Redondo Beach
LKD Blue Sash
2nd degree black belt (Shotokan)
Long Beach, California

“…I always admire Sifu’s martial arts skill and his sense of humor…one time he paired me with Stacy Baldwin and we were practicing the defense situations for the Lau Kune Do anniversary celebration and demonstration…he came to me and showed me how the ‘Locks’ and ‘take downs’ work…In a matter of seconds, he brought a guy almost twice his size to the ground…it was amazing…”

Erin Williams Burnett
LKD Yellow Sash
NBC Anchorwoman
Long Beach, California

"…I was a little skeptical to meet this person people called Master, or Sifu… after several sessions, I gained respect for Sifu's freedom of movement… direct, fluid, no movements were wasted… most importantly… to find he is very humble, soft spoken man, but he carries an aura of confidence that inspires…"

Scott Thompson,
Long Beach Port Terminal Cargo Supervisor
LKD Blue Sash,
4th degree black belt (Tae Kwon Do)
Bellflower, California

…with my Sifu's guidance, certain motions are becoming clearer to me… I'm beginning to see the flexibility of the Tan Sau, the spring power of the Bong Sau… and now I understand why he says that "learning is gaining, but Tao is losing…"

Dr. Ellen Marcy
Cornell University
LKD Brown Sash,
Santa Fe, New Mexico Temple Keeper

"…During one of our private sessions, I watched as Sifu demonstrated his Tai Chi… it was incredible… he had all the grace and beauty of Rudolf Nureyev, or Jose Greco, yet it was completely masculine… he exuded strength and power… if it were a painting, it would have been a Michelangelo…"

Jim Lasanti,
High School Principal
1st degree black belt (Judo)
Long Beach, California

"…Master Tsim has surrendered his life to pass on his teaching… what he has to teach is how to appreciate life… and his favorite quote "Kung Fu and Tai Chi is the exploration of the extreme possibilities of the human mind, body, and spirit…" in which the needs of the human spirit are embraced; something we all need…"

Dave Durr, MA
Long Beach, California

“… at that time I had already gotten my second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do and Moo Duk Kwan… Then I have a few sessions with Sifu and he immediately gained my respect and totally changed my views about Kung Fu and Tai Chi. When I trained with him I found that his hands were amazingly fast and his footwork and sidesteps were quick and deceptive… Under his guidance I trained hard and won the International Lightweight Kickboxing Champion title in 1992… Over the years, the art of Lau Kune Do has never failed me. Nevertheless, it is Sifu Tsim himself, how he lives, and the way he handles life's challenges that impresses me the most …”

Sean Shafer
1992 International Lightweight
Kickboxing Champion
LKD Blue Sash
2nd Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do
Long Beach California

"…Lau Kune Do focuses a great deal on the trapping range of conflict, a range that most martial arts do not address. This is the range that lies between the punching and grappling (lock up)… It is probably the most uncomfortable range for an untrained fighter to remain in… Mastering the ability to function successfully within this range was one of Bruce Lee's greatest revelations… Sifu Tsim keeps this revelation alive…"

Dr. Joe Bannon
LKD Red Sash
Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor, Dept of Justice Bodyguard to the President of the United States
Special Government Anti Terrorist Agent within the U.S. Homeland Security
Long Beach California

“… Before I met Sifu, I had some experience in Tai Chi Chuen… Yang's, Sun's style and all that… Sifu's approach is quite different, his two sets consist of some elements of Wu's Tai Chi Chuen… such as 3 point concentration, grasp the birds tail, and cloud hands, etc… but focuses a lot on grounding, shifting weight, and Qi Gong cultivation… After a few private sessions with him… I can feel my qi flow for the first time in my life… that sensation moves from my finger to my upper arm… as if experiencing a light electrical shock… amazing…”

Dr. Ella Glenn Burnett, Ph.D.
LKD Tai Chi ‘O’ Level
Professor, Department of Education
California State University, Long Beach

“…In one of our private sessions, Sifu explained to me the concepts of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’… the theory of conveying energy behind Kung Fu… he says it is similar to an iron ball linked to an iron chain, while swinging gently, it is calm and relaxed… however, when sped up, the energy would be switching from Yin to Yang very rapidly just like an empty hose, suddenly filled with water, hard and solid… He demonstrated by breaking a piece of wood with his back fist… it was a quick and powerful snap… when the wood broke… that cracking noise sounded like a firecracker explosion… it was stunning…”

Eric Hall, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School
LKD Yellow Sash
Long Beach, California

“… While I was in Sifu's class, there was something about his confidence that inspired me… He possesses all of the qualities that he wishes to share with others: skill, confidence, discipline, persistence, humility and passion… He says having peace is about maintaining our inner balance no matter what happens in life…Sifu introduced me to Traditional Chinese Medicine and lit a fire in my heart which inspired me to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine… Through the art of Lau Kune Do, we learn how to defend ourselves, and if we remain open we will also realize what we are capable of in all areas of our lives.”

Amy LeSage
Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncturist
LKD Red Sash, Tai Chi "A" Level
Long Beach California

“… one of the key things Sifu continues to impress upon me is balance – physically, mentally and emotionally… As a corporate attorney for a Fortune 500 company, my life is very stressful and work has consumed a great deal of my time… Sifu has helped me gain balance over the past decade. Early on in my training, Sifu taught me sensitivity through sparring and the application of the art. He explained to me how muscles have memory and through consistent training in such techniques as rolling hands and sticky hands, they will react by themselves at the critical moment; like when fingers touch a hot object and retreat instantly.”

Margaret Howell-Benson, Esq.
Attorney at Law
LKD Red Sash
Long Beach California

“…Sifu strikes me as an exemplary man of meaning, a man full of purpose, intent, and internal harmony…he pursues his vision with undeterred resolution…no matter what is happening, he does not waste psyche energy on doubt or fear…He is a man of serenity who has come to terms with himself…His purposefulness, resolution, and harmony have verified his life and given it meaning by transforming it into a unified, flowing experience, just like the art he teaches…he is an inspiration to all his students…”

Dr. Khonsura A. Wilson, Ph.D.
LKD Blue Sash, Tai Chi 'A' Level
Professor, Department of Black Studies
California State University, Long Beach

“…After a decade's training Sifu started to talk to me about "Iron palm" training… one of the highest level techniques of Lau Kune Do… He explained to me about Bodi Da Mo's ancient transcripts (Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing) one of the strongest types of energy and muscle/tendon changing… how the training is done using a herbal formula externally (Dit Da Jow) in conjunction with still and moving exercises, chi gong exercises along with Taoist breathing to move Chi to a certain part of the body… and the three "P"s: passion, persistence, and patience… the most important mindset to be successful in "Iron Palm" training… A special thanks to my Sifu for creating the path for me…”

Sifu Corbin Spencer
Welder contractor
LKD "Blue Sash"
Pasadena, California, Temple Keeper

“…Through my personal observation and experience over the past 18 years with the temple… Sifu's intent is to empower each of us to grow at our own pace… with his patient guidance and inspiration, through his wisdom, strength and understanding I was able to see the true Integration of Yin/Yang concept of opposing forces… there is an offsetting positive to every negative situation, like problem and opportunity they are co-existing… how it creates a complete balance for all things in life, commonly known as harmony…”

Sifu Paul McIntyre
Financial consultant
LKD Brown Sash
Newport Beach, California, Temple Keeper

“…Sifu introduced the Wing Chun wood dummy technique to me back in the early 90's. The set has all the basic 116 movements (Yip Man's version) and plus a few modifications (added kicks, knee and elbow strikes). He talks about the Wing Chun three seeds of hand movements, Bong Sau, Tan Sau, Fook Sau, the Gin and the Qi Gong healing techniques... I consider him a legend and one of our national treasures in these modern times…”

Larry Lloyd, Long Beach City Official
Mui Thai kickboxer
Tae kwon Do black belt, 2nd Dan
Long Beach, California

“…Over the years, with the help of Sifu I have come to recognize three main principles in the development of my Kung Fu and Tai Chi: Focus, Simplicity and Balance. He taught me how to effectively use my hip, elbow and wrist power to apply to the 1" and 3" hand breaking technique... as a CEO of an international company and a business executive, training in Lau Kune Do... the hard work allows me to overcome some seemingly unsurmountable obstacles in general, in my daily and professional life…”

Sifu Andreas Szabados
LKD Blue Sash, Tai Chi 'A' Level
Munich, Germany, Temple Keeper

“…After attending a Tai Chi seminar with Sifu I was convinced to start Lau Kune Do... 3 years of my Kung Fu and Tai Chi practice have been a real journey and a great challenge for me. The challenge was not only on a physical level, but as well on a mental and spiritual level... Sifu teaches me a lot about myself. I learn more about my strength and my weaknesses, my boundaries and limits I create within myself... my mind and my actions become much quicker, sharper and wiser... I like Sifu's two people hand drills, it's about sensitivity, feeling energy, learning to read situations of the other person... through that be prepared to react the right way…”

Claudia Schwarz
Fashion Designer
LKD Yellow Sash, Tai Chi 'O' Level
Cologne, Germany

“…Sifu Tsim's teaching follows the great tradition of "Zen". Early stage in my training in one of our private sessions, he told me the element of "no mind" is the key to the art of Lau Kune Do... since then I continue to work towards that state of being... he mentions "no mind", "no thought" and "no fear" and reminds me of the six words of advice by Tilopa (988-1069, C.E.) Founder of Kagyu - Tibetan Buddhism; "don't recall, don't imagine, don't think, don't examine, don't control, rest"... he said that all this through meditative practice, is key to reaching enlightenment…”

Professor Justin Richland
Department of criminology, law and society
University of California, Irvine
LKD Yellow Sash
Irvine, California

“…Sifu, in addition to being an extremely accomplished martial artist, he is also a healer with a strong understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and a passion for helping others cultivate healthy life choices... Beyond that he is also a philosopher, possesses a strong sense of spirituality rooted in the timeless wisdom of the ancestors... I feel a sense of resolve to teach the art after 12 years with Master Tsim, and attempt to live up to the trust that he has put in me, without a doubt that the world can benefit from Sifu Tsim's teachings and I feel fortunate to be able to share them…”

David Armstrong
Computer technical consultant
LKD Tai Chi 'A' Level
Portland, Oregon, Temple Keeper

“…I have a great deal of gratitude for the patience Sifu has afforded me over the years I have trained with him... and admiration for his adherence to his principles... he brought to me a clear understanding of balance... the importance of a clear vision... the skill to stop paying attention to things that don't help me, and to take action on those things that do, like my training in Lau Kune Do... he has inspired me to take the teachings of Lau Kune Do and pass them on in my home country of Australia... I trust I can pass on his teachings faithfully and in the spirit they were given to me…”

Sifu Paul Bennett
Computer programming consultant
LKD Blue Sash, Tai Chi 'A' Level
Sydney, Australia, Temple Keeper

“…All these years, when Sifu shares his movements, they seem like secrets whispered from a distance, answers to questions yet conceived... when I'm fortunate to touch hands with him, it always reminds me why he's the master... it causes me to look at all the forms, both internal and external, from the beginning... Lau Kune Do won't give you the answers, but demonstrates a potential path for walking in the footsteps of our Sifu and his before him…”

Professor Jason Burton
Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles
LKD 'A' Level Tai Chi
Fresno, California, Temple Keeper