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"Wing Chun" Leung Sheung

......The art of Kung Fu, to Master Tsim, is not a career, but a passion.....

In the mid-60's, while attending the King George 5th middle school in Kowloon City, Hong Kong, Sifu was given the opportunity to train under Wing Chun teacher Leung Sheung, the first student of Yip Man, a well known Wing Chun master from Fut Shan, China.

Sifu Leung Sheung, who migrated from Macau to Hong Kong in the 50's, was operating a restaurant at that time. He was practicing Lung Ying (Dragon) and Pak Mei (White Brows) kung fu, and was big in lion dance, before he became a student of Yip Man.

In the mid-70's Sifu was visiting his old teachers in Hong Kong and China. The evening before he returned to the States Leung Sheung and Sifu had dinner in a small Chinese restaurant in Kowloon City. Leung was happy that Sifu decided to open a school - "hoi kwoon" - in the States. But casually mentioned that he does not know too much about western culture and customs, and cautioned Sifu to be very careful in taking in students..... With that he wished Sifu well and gave him his blessing....

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The Passion
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.....Beginners block an assault, experienced fighters attack after blocking. True masters no longer have the need to block........