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"Jeet Kune Do" Bruce Lee

In the early 70's, shortly after Bruce Lee finished filming his first movie "The Big Boss", he returned to Hong Kong from Thailand. He, Sifu and Law Lit, an Indonesian Chinese and a martial arts film star in Hong Kong, were having a conversation about kung fu in Bruce's place in Kowloon Tong. Lee, at that time, was wondering how his film "The Big Boss" would do at the box office, began talking about how his "Jeet Kune Do" evolved from his Jun Fan Gung Fu and Wing Chun....

He stressed to Sifu that, although he acted on screen, he was a martial artist first and an actor second. He saw movies as the best way to introduce the art to Americans. He mentioned that back in the early 60's he was thinking to set up a chain of martial arts school across the United States called the "Kato Gung Fu School"..... After Lee's sudden death in 1973 Sifu decided that he would continue the path.....

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.....teaching without words, work without doing and winning without a battle are understood by very few....